Saturday, July 9, 2011

Kneel before HER

You see, sweety..

here's something that you already know..

When a guy sees a beautiful girl, his brain instinctively sends him the message that what he sees is attractive!

So, in other words, his brain tells him to do whatever he can to fuck that girl!
And that proccedure is translated into him being rock hard for her!

here we are!
We have a guy all hard for a beautiful girl!
Normal, hah?


Then, let me ask you..
Haven't you ever been in that position?
I mean..

You are a guy (don't get me wrong... :))
and you see a beautiful girl on the net.
Hmmm... then you like what you see and..
you get hard!!!

Perfectly normal!

Hmmmm... yes.... but....

for the others!!!!

Because what nobody else knows is....
the way YOU think..!
Nobody else knows the way YOUR brain works!
Because you know you are different sweety!
You know you are not like the others!

You may seem you are like them but you are not!
You have a unique way of getting the pleasure you want.
And it's perfect!!!
It's fun!
It's cool!
It's naughty!
And it's soooo femme!!

Let me explain..

Guys have only one thing in their mind!
I mean.. they see a girl and they want to fuck!
Isn't it so?

While you...
you see a girl and your brain sends you sooooooooo many different messages!
the way your mind works is sooooooo funny!
Isn't it?

I mean, think about it for a second...
whenever you see a girl, how many things can give you pleasure
(apart from the dull fantasy of fucking her)?

Here, let me show you!

what is the first thing that you think when you see that girl?

what happens now into your sissy-mind?

in fact..
i think that when you see a sexy girl..
the fantasy of you fucking her would be like... the last!!!

would you EVER fuck a girl like that?

because fucking a girl is just... not for you, sweety!

But let me give you an example!!

This is what we are gonna do today!!!

well, listen..

i'm gonna show you a girl..
and you are gonna get really hard!
i mean... really hard for her!

you are gonna be a normal guy who is looking at a girl's photos and is really hard!

the thing is...
that you will know the real reason you are hard for her!
you 'll know that you may seem normal..
but you are not!
you are way... cuter!

that's why with every photo you see..
i want you to let your inner sissy come out!
i want you to get hard for her..
but not as a guy!
not because you want to fuck her!

but because she is who she is!
because she's a female!

and this is the only reason you should get hard for a woman!
in fact, i think you should use the term "get wet" for her..

Look and let your sissy self take over your mind...

interesting, hah?

what do you think, sweety..
is she the kind of woman you 'd fuck?

i thought so..
but then..
why are you so wet for her?

is it because of her big fake tits?
is it because of her big, pouty lips?

or is it something else that makes her attractive to you...?

that makes her so irresistable to you?

it's something in her that makes your pussy wet, hah?
i know...

it's something in that woman that makes even a sissy like you soooooo wet..

you are soooo wet down there and you don't see a boy!
i thought you 'd need to see a big, fat cock to get wet!!
and yet, here you are!
staring at a woman!
does it make you less of a sissy?
less of a flaming fag...?

i don't think so...

in fact i think
that it makes you MORE of a faggot!!

i think that you MUST LEARN to appreciate all the right things in a woman!
i think that you must learn your place better..
you must learn to act and think properly when you are with women..

you must realize the difference between you and a female..

it's an important factor that contributes to your sissification, honey!

it's not the fact that you crave cocks, princess.
you can just be gay and crave cocks!
but you are a sissy, honey!
you are a flaming fag!
gay or no gay, you have
a special bond with women, sweety!
with everything that is female!

that's why you are here
and you are wet for a female!

that's why you see that photo and you would never fantasize of being behind her
fucking her doggy style..

because seeing her on all fours like that...
makes you admire her female body
makes you admire her well toned legs
makes you admire her sexy platforms
makes you admire her female.....

you see, honey..
it's of utmost importance that you realize who you are
and where you belong
when it comes to women..

it's important that you realize their superiority, honey!

and it's important that you do your best to show them that you realize their superiority!
that you do your best to make them feel superior!
that you do your best to
worship the female nature..

she has a nice pair of big, fake titties!
isn't she like, the luckiest?

equally hot, hah?

a "hello kitty" latex dress?
like, omg!!

listen, honey what i'm about to tell you..
chasing cocks is one thing!
i know you want them..
i know you crave for them
i know that there's nothing sexier than watching a big, fat cock filling a hungry mouth..
but the thing is..

that in order to become the perfect sissy
you have to try hard..
you have to do sooo many things..
you see, having cocks is soooo easy!
you can be a macho guy and still have cocks!
do you want that?
do you want to be a hairy, filthy, manly guy with an appetite for cocks?

i don't think so....

i think that you don't want that at all, princess...

you want to be cute
and fun
and easy going
and pink
and silly
you want to wear funky clothes
you want to wiggle your ass
you want to show the world who you really are!
you want to tell them that underneath...
you are a girl!!!

you want to tell the world that you love seeing her lifting weights..
that you find it sexy!
because it makes her look powerful!
and strong!
because it reminds you that you are soft..
and weak..
while she is the exact opposite..
and that attracts you..




you stare at her muscles, hah?
you stare at her toned legs, hah?
i know..
she's hot!

and those shoes..

you would be her perfect batgirl...

so what is it?
her muscle legs?
her platforms?
her micro skirt?
her thong?
her pose?

see what you are supposed to admire, princess?
you must see her as a sissy..
not as a boy!
not even as a girl!
but as a fag!!

and believe me..
a faggot would be aroused by that photo..
because faggots are attracted to dominant women..
there's something mesmerizing in them..

because dominant women send weird signals to their brain..
signals that they are superior..
and that they must be worshiped!

you catch the signals?
black - sexy
latex - sexy
brunette - sexy
heels - sexy
big cleavage - sexy

kinky - sexy


if you don't feel this way..
i think you should re-evaluate your beliefs
and start thinking like that!
start thinking as a flaming faggot!

Let me give you some examples
of how you 're supposed to think..

that photo makes your pussy wet.
doesn't it?
Well if no, then it must!
Because you must think as a fag!

And firstly you must notice her muscles!
and that must make you tingle..
because it makes her seem strong!
stronger than you!
And you like it when the other is strong..
because you are not!
and that's why you are so easily attracted to it..
you are soft..
and she is strong...
sexy, hah?

her tits are big..
and fake..
which makes you wonder how they must feel like..
i mean.. having them...
which makes you wonder how it would be if you had those babies..
how sexy it would be to feel their weight...

isn't that photo like, super hot?
i mean think about the previous two things..

she looks like soooo slutty..
and you like that..
you think how slutty YOU would be,
if you had her body...

and that makes you stare at her like if she's a goddess..

Which brings us to you!
The faggot that needs training in order to think and act and behave properly!
To women..

See, doll..
A strong, confidant woman like her would never accept you as a male!
Can you see it now?
SHE is the one with the balls, honey!
Not you!

That's why now you know what you must do to make her happy.
YOU must become less of a man!

And the more you see her..
the less man you 'll become..

Sissy thoughts will rule your mind..

Faggot's thoughts..

Less and less of a man..

You know what to think now..

You know the proper way to think about that photo now.
don't you, faggot?
don't you stare at her abs now..?
like a fag?
thinking how sexy she is?

don't you love her dress, now?
it's black!
you love this color, hah?

and her tits!
 they are big and fake!
aren't they just perfect? 

i know, princess..
she must be very strong..

but she is beautiful..
isn't she?

she is...

and by now..
you know exactly why a fag can't hold it when looking at this photo...
now you know why it's so much to take!

because you are becoming less and less of a man

and more of a submissive little faggot

you are beggining to realize what women mean for you

how to think when you look at them...

what to dream when you close your eyes...


  1. thank you for this new lesson very very interesting.
    it's very kind of you to share with us your unique experience.your blog is really fun and useful for those who have a lot to learn.
    Personnaly, at the first time i don't find your muscle's girls so sexy, and after the reading i realize more and more your thought and i'm agree with you.
    see you

  2. Bravo! Now I don't know what makes me more of a faggot, getting hard looking at cock or getting hard looking at sexy women. Either way, I'm a faggot. I love what your blog is doing to me!

    Do plan to do any posts for married sissies?

  3. Going on a whim here
    But would you ever consider giving lessons through IM

  4. YES, You are right! i look at sexy, beautiful women but i know that i could never be with any of them because i am not a real man. Unfortunately, im not a real woman. i am a SISSY! A panty wearing SISSY that hides behind his wife and kids, pretending to be something im not! It's sad but true! Yes, i do get hard thinking of cock! In fact it's the only way i get hard! i accidentqly stumbled upon this blog and im afraid! ive found myself in the last few days wearing panties under my shorts, clearly revealing my panties. But that doesnt scare me, no, what scared me was the fact that i found myself purposely lifting my shirt to uncover the back of my shorts and revealing my panty lines. Purposely walking with my butt sticking out and bending over more than usual to grab something from the shelf! i now what i am but i am afraid to embrace it. i am afraid to leave everything behind( no pun intended) and truly become the sissy that lies beneath my fake male skin. i can longer continue to live a lie and yet and i cannot breakaway. i feel lost and that i will die unhappy! Any suggestions? Lost in Translation!!! xoxoxo, sissy gaby!

  5. love thise pics,,and the store..specially the woman in the latex hello kitty dress..anyone knows whom she is..want more pics of her ..

  6. That expresses it perfectly. Her beauty only makes her more unavailable to me, and determines that I should be on my knees, cleaning for her and sucking big cock for her. Thanks for posting! Sean Max, sissy faggot.

  7. I so love that you get and understand me. Being TS, superior natural born women will always be above me on every plateau.

  8. I live complimenting and making sure I let them know up front, as it's really relaxing to hang with the girls and just be amongst them, while cruising for guys