Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Modern Thinking Patterns for Men: Psychosocial Readjustment in the Female Oriented Era

let's agree on something.


women are everywhere.

social media, fashion, sex, politics, music, TV, 
women are now in control of modern society.

are they not?

let's take a look at this picture. 
it's from the last campaign of DOLCE GABBANA.


let's say there's a boy walking down the street
and he happens to notice that picture.

which, do you think, are the subconscious messages that this boy is going to receive?

can you spot them?

you think they are the same subliminal messages that boys used to receive in the past?

let's do this together.
the following advertisement 
is from the Spring 2011 campaign by Versace 


while looking at this fashion street ad
the average boy's brain 
receives 9 incoming inputs


  1. male nudity instead of female nudity
  2. male depiction as skinny, almost anorexic beings (carefully removed of the main male characteristic; physical strength)
  3. male "partial" nudity, instead of full nudity; hint of sexual tease from the males instead of the female 
  4. female confidence; straight strong look at the camera - male insecurity; vacant looks elsewhere
  5. jewelries in the hands of the males instead of the female; hints of the need to be attractive, but not to females...
  6. totally smooth male body depiction, with a hint of body hair at the naval area, only to give an idea of what is now the new normal for men
  7. tight leather leggings worn by the males instead of the female; more sexual tease constructed to attract males rather than females
  8. bleached blonde hair for the males, totally drained of any dark, dominant characteristics (except from their leggings..) with a subconscious hint of a need to look like the female
  9. 2 nude males with 1 non-nude female; reverse of the lesbian fantasy of the male society of the past and hints of a gay fantasy for the female society of the future.

so, in this ad, 
we have 2 partially nude, skinny males, with vacant looks, smooth bodies and bleached blonde hair, wearing only their tight leather leggings and their bracelets, standing behind an elegantly dressed, confident female, who is advertising the product.

are they enough subliminal messages for a boy walking down the street today?

let's have a look at more recent ads...

do you see a certain idea being repeated?

what do you think is the input 
that this boy welcomes in his brain 
as regards the position of the 2 genders?

in fact.

why don't we take a look 
at the most well known public figures 
of modern pop culture so that we get an idea 
about who molds the minds 
of the little boys all over the world today?

let's see...

now, let's see.

what do all these seem to have in common?

do you see 
what all these mind shaping public figures 
have in common?


that's right,


all these mind-shaping public figures have ONE thing in common:


you shouldn't be.

women had been gaining power for years now.

it was a matter of time before they took control of society's subconscious.

of men's subconscious.

this is why old patriarchic beliefs
are now being taken out of modern boys' minds and replaced by new feminist ideas.

because women are in control now.

so the all-female cast of pop icons 
is now doing one thing and one thing only:

"it is changing men's perspective on things"

those icons would be seen as sex-dolls.
serving only as means of fulfillment of men's dirtiest sexual fantasies.

this is not what happens today.

women like these
shape the minds of the future men.
and those women do not serve 
as sex-dolls today.

they may use sex 
to draw the attention of the primitive male minds

but having realized 
that they can have even more power,
that is not enough for them anymore.

becoming sex symbols would be enough
for sexy women of the past decades.
but that it is NOT the case today.

in their quest for more power
those women want to make 
new and loyal armies of male followers.

boys now,
do not dream of fucking those women.

not only.

boys now,
are being bombarded subconsciously
with messages that exceed their sexual identity.

boys now do 
what in no other time in history 
has ever been done before.

they listen...

they listen to what other women have to say.

women that in any other time in history
would be seen as trashy sluts,
with only one purpose in life -
to be pretty and attractive so that other men 
can get sexual release through them -
are now the ones creating the rules for them.

female celebrities like Kim Kardashian or Nicki Minaj, would have been labeled as ugly, fat whores and been thrown out of the system, if they had been born a few decades ago.

well, not today.

these "modern day whores
are being followed by boys all over the world.

and those boys view them as stars.

and most importantly:
they listen to whatever they have to say.

and that changes them from the inside.

those boys learn the world that way.

the way women want them to learn it.
not men.

and so those young men
start shaping everything in their male minds
from a woman's point of view.
and make it their own.

you think it's weird?

let's see how it works.


boys all over the world learn for example,
that Cara Delevingne is the new badass.


the following is taken from the article named "Cara Delevingne out-beasts Marshawn Lynch in the new Call of Duty trailer" published at Elle magazine on November 3, 2015.

Because she's everywhere these days, model, actress, and general badass, Cara Delevingne made an appearance in the live-action trailer for the video game Call of Duty: Black Ops IIIIn the clip, Michael B. Jordan serves as a suave narrator through the game's battlefield chaos, and NFL star Marshawn Lynch pops up for his signature Beast Mode, all while a regular guy named Kevin gets to live out his cool-dude fantasies. That is, until Cara shows up to steal the show. What, like you were surprised?


Cara shows up to steal the show...

Cara. Not any guy. 

Cara steals the show in a boys-only game as the biggest badass among the alpha-males of the trailer.

would she be in any other time in history?

would Cara Delevingne be shown as the biggest badass among other men?

because a woman would never be allowed to enter into those fields of pop culture
and thus into everyone's minds.

well this is not what happens today.

because today women are changing everything.

boys today are seeing Cara 
starring in the new Call of Duty.

soon those boys will grow up 
and become big, strong men.

but the image of the female badass soldier 
will have been imprinted in their subconscious

and it will seem perfectly normal by then.

in fact, by then, those men's boys, may even play action games picking female characters 
and regard it as normal, 
the way girls in the past would regard as normal to play those games, picking male ones.

because throughout those future men's lives, 
Cara will have always been a badass icon.
and it will feel perfectly natural for a woman like her to be regarded as a badass icon.

because these future men,
had the concept of the badass guy 
replaced in their minds when they were little boys,
by that of a badass fashion model. 


who cares?

thing is that the same kind 
of subconscious mind control, 
that men used to apply for centuries to society,
using the power of pop culture as a tool
to shape people's minds,
is now at the hands of women.

unfortunately men have no idea about the processes that take place inside their heads and this is why they do not protest.

certain concepts 
are now being replaced in their minds though, 
right from their early years
so that they have no intention to question them.

and what these concepts want?

to reverse everything.

to change the perception of several issues.

to change men.

to change everything.

in favor of women.

this is the latest Yves Saint Laurent commercial
for the retailer's Rouge Pur Couture lipstick.
hidden messages everywhere.

spot them.

so a badass fashion model?

why not?

boys learn whatever it is projected to them.

these - soon to be - men are already accepting
that you don't need to be a guy to be a badass.

a girl can be a badass too.

she can even fuck other girls if she wants.

now what this does to that boy you may wonder

one thing and one thing only:
it changes him.


this young man's mind is shaped by the public figures of his society most of whom 
happen to be females.

his view of the world is then shaped by them.

so a boy today who sees fashion model Cara Delevingne being the badass in his game creates a certain perspective about the concept of badass.

a woman half your size 
can be way more badass than you.

all she needs to be regarded as a badass
may be a little "badass attitude" and she's there:
she can be way more badass than you

a real modern badass.

but with the term "badass attitude",
what do we really mean today?


the whole meaning of the term "badass attitude" has changed profoundly over the last decade.

"being a badass has moved away from picking up fights, shaving your head, growing a beard, or fucking the hottest women."

those ideas are being carefully removed 
from men's heads nowadays
and this is why we are seeing less and less men falling under that category.


it's obvious:

because today's opinion makers have changed

badass attitude today 
is not defined anymore by men
but by women.

so "badass attitude" is moving away from its relation with male confidence
and is heading towards its new relation with the gender that is responsible for shaping society's new identity.

women now reshape the idea of the term
"badass attitude"
according to THEIR thinking, THEIR lifestyle and THEIR attitude characteristics.

so "badass attitude" now
stops being things like picking up fights, or shaving your head and becomes things like: 

sashaying instead of walking

showing some side-boob from time to time 

or having long fake nails every once in a while

or purposely wearing a top 
that exposes your massive cleavage

or not being afraid to wear a dress so tight 
that your thong is visible through your dress 

or bragging about your new fake breasts

or even bragging 
about that cock you finally got to suck

and so it goes.

"badass attitude"

a woman's point of view 
carefully edited into men's minds.

"a process that alters men's perspective on things
and makes the female point of view
the new default way of thinking"

a process that makes HER 
being regarded as a badass
for finding a man to fuck her so hard
instead of the opposite

a process that makes HER 
being regarded as a badass
for having 2 males giving her pleasure
instead of one

or HER for taking it so easy up her ass


just one minor adjustment 
and whole generations of future men
in waiting to be born with it.

whole generations of men in waiting 
to think of her as a badass 
for striking a sexy pose so quick

or her for staying so cool 
while a male rides her

one minor adjustment and male ideas get reversed to fit the ones in control now.

so think about it and ask yourself:

in the near future,
will it be easy to find a man 
having the balls
to start a fight with her?

the answer is simple.


it won't.

because by then
that exact woman will seem different
in the eyes of that man.

more confident.

more powerful.

even the term "if he has the balls"
will have changed in his mind.
probably turned into "if he has the pussy".

because every man's brain will have been 
totally reshaped in the near future

whole concepts will have been revamped
in his mind.

and so 
whole attitudes will have changed because of that.

men will not have the inner confidence
that they had in the past.

that trait will soon belong to women

and so in the near future
that man
no matter his physical size difference with her
will be intimidated by that woman

probably forced to comply with her orders

not because she is physically stronger than him
(as she won't be)

but because
she is gonna be a "real badass" in his mind

a state of mind that will keep him naturally submissive towards her


just because of the fact 
that she happens to have a pussy
instead of a penis

as pussies will be attached with power
while penises with weakness in his mind.

a reasoning that as society evolves
will be seen as more and more logical 
in every man's brain 
in a way that eventually 
the behavioral reconditioning of every man
will feel like a walk in the park for women

and while less and less men 
are going to attach themselves with dominance,
just like women of the past
men will subconsciously start attaching themselves with submissiveness.

after all
the feeling of inner confidence 
is a trait in the middle of a removal process 
out of men's brains and insertion into women's

so emptying the man's brain 
from all the amount of confidence 
society had once given to him 
and excessively inserting it to her
will result:

in him becoming afraid of her despite her size

while her becoming 
more and more offensive to him

more and more self-centered

more and more opinionated

and so he eventually
turns into the only socially acceptable thing 
that he can be to her:

her follower

her admirer

another sheep in her herd

and this is how modern idols
are now being created

now, why do we say all these
you might ask...